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Health Screen

HealthWatch are experts in the provision of tailored workplace employee Health and Lifestyle Screening Programmes. We pride ourselves in having the expertise and experience to provide a streamlined, confidential, and professional service to your staff onsite at your premises. 

Working closely with you, we aim to encourage people to be pro-active about their own health and well-being. Workplace health screening will help your employees live healthier, happier, more engaged and productive lives both in and out of work.
Our service is nationwide, allowing us to offer our programmes to small and large organisations and sports clubs in single or multi-site locations throughout Ireland.

Health Screen


Our HealthWatch Screening Profiles are designed with our clients to deliver a comprehensive overview of the health status of each partaking employee.

They are uniquely tailored to fit into your employee and budgetary needs. Our screening profiles include:

  • A non-invasive physical examination
  • Comprehensive range of blood & urine tests
  • Health advice & recommendations
  • While the health screen takes place at your workplace, all participant blood samples are transferred to and analysed in our Accredited partner laboratory



All our health screening programmes are broken into three test group areas; Physical, Laboratory, and Lifestyle Analysis.

To learn about each test area in more detail click on the list below.



Although cardiac arrest in sport is relatively uncommon, strenuous physical exercise may unmask an undetected cardiac abnormality. For this reason, organisations such as the International Olympic Committee and the European Society of Cardiology recommend that all young people engaged in sport should undergo a pre-participation cardiac screening assessment to identify any Heart Abnormalities that may increase a person’s risk of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS).

Our onsite cardiac screening service allows testing to be carried out at a time and location that is convenient for your sports club. We provide the necessary equipment and expertise with all results being reviewed by our consultant cardiologist all you need to do is provide us with a private area for the screening to take place. 

Please note; minimum confirmed numbers of 25 per clinic are required. Suitable for club members over 18 years of age.



Occupational Health is the use of medical expertise to assess fitness for work, advise on workplace adjustments, prevent ill health and promote health and wellbeing within the workplace. 

We are a Nurse led Occupational Health and Safety service provider offering high quality and cost-effective occupational health and safety services tailored to meet the specific needs of clients. 

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