Terms & Conditions

1. All prices shown are in Euro and our service is exempt from VAT unless otherwise

2. This offer is valid for acceptance for a period of 30 days from the date shown.

3. Upon signed acceptance, pricing will be held firm and fixed for 3 months, after
which time it may be reviewed.

4. HCSI/HealthWatch reserves the right to automatically vary prices quoted on expiry
of any fixed price period.

5. This quotation, and the pricing contained therein, is applicable only to company
name on this quotation.

6. A participant may cancel or reschedule their appointment at any time up to 48
hours before their allotted time. Thereafter, the effects of clause 7 below will
apply. Any exceptions to this will be solely at the discretion of HCSI/HealthWatch.

7. In the event any participant fails to present or cancels their appointment inside 48
hours of their allotted time, the company will be charged the agreed full unit or co-
pay price of the missed appointment. Participants in co-pay programmes will not
be reimbursed except for any prepaid optional extra tests.

8. This quotation supersedes any and all previous correspondence for these, and
associated items.

9. Payment terms will be 30 days from date of invoice.

10. Please provide a valid purchase order number ahead of the screening which may be adjusted up
or down at time of final invoice.